I AM LIMO Update

The Certified Limousin Beef Program has been developed by Australian Limousin Breeders Society (ALBS) to assist the Limousin breed in obtaining improved integrity, identification, recognition and demand for Limousin infused cattle and meat products in the market place.

This program is not a branded beef program owned by the Australian Limousin Breeders Society, but an outcome based program to improve the visibility of Limousin infused cattle within the beef supply chain.

This program underpins the integrity of Limousin infused beef products at the Processor and Retail points of the beef supply chain.  The program requirements will cover all points of the beef supply chain, including Producers, Backgrounders, Feedlotters, Livestock Agents, Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers (Butchers, Supermarkets and Restaurants).

Both the I AM LIMO and Certified Limousin Beef logo will be trademarked to the Australian ALBS, and their use overseen by the Society.

A Requirements & Information Manual will be available for each point of the beef supply chain outlining what is required to use and implement the program.
About the Certified Limousin Beef Program.

A program to create recognition and ultimately create pull through demand for Limousin infused cattle in the beef supply chain from the consumer. Moreover, this is an evolving program that will provide a set of tools and materials that will assist with the marketing of Limousin infused cattle at each point of the beef supply chain and generate the market recognition that the product deserves.

         1. Ear Tag Program.

Certified Limousin Beef Ear Tag allow improved identification and recognition of Limousin infused cattle in the market place. Tags are available from Allflex and Z Tag with order forms available on their websites, or from the ALBS. A variety of management / identification tag formats are available to suit most operations.

We recommend all Limousin producers use the Ear Tags when selling cattle and especially when selling through the Saleyard system to achieve improved identification and recognition of cattle to buyers.

Ultimately we see an opportunity to link these tags with NLIS tags, enabling the ability to capture and trace back carcase data, and to leverage the seemingly imminent rollout of DEXA carcase scanning technology.

         2. Saleyard healthcarewell tadalafil Program.

Our Certified Limousin Beef Saleyard Program is about working with Livestock Agents and Saleyards to promote Limousin infused cattle via clear identification and recognition of Limousin infused cattle in the Saleyards enabling promotion of the breed through to Processors, Wholesalers, Retail Butchers & Restaurants.

Workshops with Area Promotion Groups are available, so please plan and book your APG workshop as soon as possible.

         3. Branded Beef Programs.

We are working with supply chains and processors in assisting with the development and creation branded beef products that will be underpinned by the Certified Limousin Beef program.

We encourage becoming part of a supply chain that is promoting Limousin infused beef as part of one of the formalised Certified Limousin Beef programs that are unfolding, or by working to promote the supply of cattle into a local Butcher. Ultimately, it is about having Limousin Certified Beef recognised in the market place by the consumer to increase the pull through demand for Limousin cattle.

Processors, Butchers, Supermarkets and Restaurants using Limousin Certified Beef can receive supporting Point of Sale material to implement the requirements of the program and to promote

         4. Regional Promotion of Limousin Cattle.

We see the strength of our breed in the Premium Domestic Market and the Short Fed Supermarket and Export Market Trade. Our breed is a proven performer in these markets and is in high demand by Retail Butchers and Processors who process premium yearling beef products.

We encourage Area Promotion Groups to form local Supply Alliances” of Certified Limousin Beef cattle with Processors and Retail Butchers. Holding market focused regional workshops with Commercial Producers, Local Processors, Livestock Agents, Butchers, Chefs and Retailers with an aim to plan, set up and implement consistent supply of Limousin infused cattle that can be identified as Certified Limousin Beef”

         5.  Point of Sale Material.

Promotional and Point of Sale material has been developed to assist in implementing and promoting the Certified Limousin Beef program. This material includes an information sheet for Butchers and Restaurants about the Limousin Breed so they can train staff on explaining the benefits of Limousin Beef to consumers. A Certified Limousin Beef certificate will be supplied to business’s that become members of the program.

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