Record average price of $8,225 for Graneta

Lot 3 Graneta King-Billy was the top-priced bull at Graneta Limousin and Angus on-property bull sale selling for $16,000 to the Wilson Family of Banana Station, Biloela. Congratulating Layla and Walter Wilson are GDL agent Mark Duthie and stud Principal, Jon Gaffney.

Graneta Limousin and Angus enjoyed a considerable lift in prices for bulls this year at its recent on-property bull sale and smashed the average on-property record for the Limousin breed for the second year in a row with an astonishing $8,225 average and a 100% clearance with its 40 Limousin and Lim-Flex red and black bulls.

This $8,225 average is an almost 40% rise over the Australian breed average so far this year and cements Graneta’s reputation as one of the leading Limousin studs in the country.

Return buyers underpinned the solid 2016 on-property sale of Graneta Limousins, owned by the Gaffney family, Glendale, Bell, who focus on providing a product with real industry value to suit an array of markets, as “there is a demand for Limo cross cattle and more and more feedlotters and processors are chasing limo cross cattle each week”.

Mr Jon Gaffney said the $1,700 improvement on his sale average with the same number of bulls as sold last year is a true testament that the breeding program on Graneta really does link all segments of the breed industry to create a product with real industry value.

Commercial breeders were the most active buyers which is a clear indication of the strength of the cattle market and that producers were keen to continue to breed superior stock to satisfy that demand.

Return buyers, the Wilson healthcarewell tadacip family, Biloela, purchased the lead bull in the sale, Lot 3 Graneta King Billy K38 by leading stud sire Mandayen Fortune F1606 for the top price of $16,000. The Wilsons were attracted to this 24 month red Limousin bull for his length of body and spring of rib and outstanding raw data including 143EMA, 4.4%IMF and 13 P8FAT.

The Wilson family were after bulls with growth, reproduction and carcase traits to underpin their extensive commercial grass pasture enterprises in Central Queensland.  After purchasing the top Black Limousin bull at last year’s sale, and reflecting their confidence in Graneta genetics to increase their herd performance, the Wilson family also purchased the black Limousin bull, Graneta KingdomK25 for $11,000 and a further two black sires for $6,000 and $7,000. Red sire, Graneta Kung-Fu K27 is also heading north to the Wilson Family’s group of beef properties after being purchased for $11,000.

The volume buyers of the day and long time supporters of the Limousin breed were the Hudson families at Mitchell and Mungallala who took home 5 red sires averaging $7,300 and8black sires to a top price of $10,500 twice and at an average of $7,750.

Equal top-priced apricot bulls also went to Central Queensland buyers. Graneta Kurrajong K39 was purchased by Laurence and Patrica Hack of “Rocklea”, Alpha for $10,000 while Greg Bowden of “Tackeracka” Moura purchased Graneta Koala K21 also for the same price.

Several Graneta sires were purchased by interstate buyers. Vaughan Klein of Wellington bought the top black sire of the sale, Lot 5 Graneta Kit-Kat K45 for $12,000 and JPJ Farming near Tamworth outlaid $7,500 for black sire Graneta Kanye K51.

Peter Campbell of Weeoomba Pastoral Co, Jimbour, purchased two Lim-Flex bulls, paying top-price of $11,000 for Graneta KlassicK14, and $6,500 for Graneta Klinger K13.

AL & SM Flower of Springdale, Biggenden paid $17,500 for two bulls and Brian and Helen Haywood of Warra, purchased a red and an apricot sire for $13,000.

JAD& JA Allery of Kingaroy paid $18,500 for two lots and North Queensland breeders, Mark and Patsy Wheeler of Koumala, Sarina, purchased two lots for a total of $15,500.

Jon and Leny Gaffney are ecstatic with their second sale as it is testament to their breeding program which is commercially focussed to provide genetics to suit an array of markets.

Selling agents: GDL Dalby