Strong demand for Semenstore exports to USA, Australia, New Zealand and Estonia

A strong demand for predominantly Limousin genetics has resulted in multi-exports of semen from eight bulls in all to the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

A further order has seen Simmental and Blonde semen exported to the Baltic state of Estonia.

The various orders have come through the online

Featuring established names and bloodlines within the breed the Limousin exports comprise of semen from Dolcorsllwyn Fabio, Ampertaine Foreman, Bahut, Procters Duvalier, Titanic, Wilodge Cerberus, Fenomen, and Karlos respectively.

Two separate consignments head to the USA. Betty Anglani purchased semen from Dolcorsllwyn Fabio (a previous Limousin sale world record holder), Ampertaine Foreman, and Bahut for her Fullblood Limousin herd in Missouri.

Bertha and James Jarnagin of Jarnagin Limousins, Tennessee, also purchased semen from Bahut (conventional and female sexed) and in addition to straws from Procters Duvalier (conventional and female sexed), Titanic, and Wilodge Cerberus.
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