• Limousin-Angus take the plate

    Limousin-Angus take the Plate

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  • Carolyn Tooth, Principal Longreach Limousins with Glenn Trout, Manager Birubi Limousins Wagga Wagga with top priced female Lot44 Longreach Maxine Jetstar

    Jetstar tops at $18,000

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  • Top-Price-Bull-National-edit2

    Top seller at Limousin National goes for $20,000

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  • National-presentation-edit1

    Young cow with first calf takes Supreme at Limousin National

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Why Limousin

  1. High value cuts

    A Limousin cross calf is expected to have about 9.5% more silverside, 9.5% more eye muscle area and 4% more retail beef yield, with a 3% increase in tenderness of the loin muscle and 5.5% more tender silverside.


  2. More in yield

    Crossbreeding with Limousin provides increased weight gain, improved feed efficiency and large increases in retail beef yield and tenderness without the need for Hormone Growth Promotants.


  3. No extra feed

    Crossbreeding provides gains of 4 to 6% in weight through hybrid vigour and within breed selection can achieve ongoing increases in weight gain. Increasing the rate of weight gain increases feed efficiency.


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Commercial Use of the Breed

  • Western Australian Limousin cross leads the way in feedlot performance

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  • Limousin cross leads the way in carcase yield

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  • Limousins produce ideal vealers in South Australia

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  • Commercial Limousins meet the weaner market in Western Victoria

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