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The Limousin is a rich gold colour, with lighter circles around the eye and the muzzle, and shading to a lighter colour on the legs. Limousins can also be black as a result of grading up from black cattle in Australia. The head is small and short with a broad forehead, and the neck is short.  Limousin can be horned or polled. Most horned Limousins are dehorned at a young age. The Limousin is intermediate in size and maturity between British and most other European breeds.

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Limousin cattle adapt to diverse climates and the widest range of management systems, from the top end of the Northern Territory to the highlands of Central Tasmania.

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  • Western Australian Limousin cross leads the way in feedlot performance
  • Limousin cross leads the way in carcase yield
  • Limousins produce ideal vealers in South Australia
  • Commercial Limousins meet the weaner market in Western Victoria
  • Limousins add profit to Central Queensland herd
  • Limousins create options in Brahman herd
  • Limousin maternal genetics plays key role at Biggenden
  • The Limousin Difference
  • Lim-Flex
  • Strategic Plan